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Third World Family Humanitarian

Third World Family Humanitarian (TFH) is a charitable organisation whose aim is Service to society. Its main objectives are human and community development by promoting all spheres of personal development. It also works towards the setting up of educational, economic and social structures for the health and welfare of deprived communities.

The essence of Service to Humanity is based on solidarity, sharing and brotherhood as an expression of unconditional love and compassion for all human beings. On these principles, TFH is committed to a revival of a social model where every Human Being is cherished, valued and respected. It aims to spread compassion and generosity through the active participation of one and all in laying the foundations for a fair and equitable society where every human being can live in dignity.

TFH initiatives are based on an ideal of service to humanity and are not merely triggered in reaction to disasters and catastrophes. In Senegal various projects have been initiated in the village of Pout to raise people’s awareness of the value of their human capital and encourage them to take responsibility and ownership for their own development and progress.