Peace Promotion

The International Sufi School is actively engaged in peace promotion at all levels of society and is committed to the promotion of education for peace.

The International Sufi School works in collaboration with various other organisations, faith and non-faith based to promote peace, harmony, respect and tolerance among individuals in society, irrespective of cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, and social differences, for it is these very differences that constitute the richness of humanity.

As a School of Peace and Service, we are committed to the making of peacemakers by awakening the consciousness of every individual about his valuable role in the establishment of peace in society.

What is Peace?

Peace is the very foundation of every human being. Our original nature is composed of love, compassion, peace and original faith in the Creator. Indeed, no human being harbours any violence in him at birth.

If peace is inherent to the human being, why is there so much violence and hatred in society today?

Violence and hatred are character traits that are acquired with time through conditioned behaviour and thought patterns influenced by environmental, social, parental, cultural and religious factors as we grow up.

Given that violence is an acquired behaviour, it can be unlearnt in order to rediscover our inherent peace.

Today this question is more pressing than ever before, given the incidence of violence, hatred and crime in modern society.

The way to Peace: Liberation Therapy

Peace starts at individual level. For peace to exist in society the individual must first find his inner peace, deep within. For this the individual must first make the conscious choice of non violence and peace as an ideal of life and commit himself totally to this ideal. The action of such an individual is subsequently very far reaching in the establishment of peaceful change in society.

Liberation therapy is a process that first awakens the individual’s consciousness to the fact that the relational problem of adult life is rooted in one’s childhood experiences. The second stage of the therapy involves the transformation of the relational heritage acquired from childhood into a driving force for our development and the fulfilment of our mission in life.

The first part of the therapy involves an analysis of one’s childhood experiences to find out the origin and the root cause of the human relational problem which arises from our natural tendency to observe and judge those around us.

In the second part of the therapy the individual learns to transcend the tendency to judge. He discovers the power of forgiveness and learns to communicate more effectively with others. Thus he learns non violent communication.

Liberation therapy is therefore a process that enables the transformation of the parental legacy into a driving force for action at global level.

Through this therapy the individual works towards the embodiment of virtues which will enable him to be peace in order to bring peace to others.

Initiatory Way to Peace

The International Sufi School has carried out a detailed study on the lives of fifteen peacemakers who have had such beneficial impact on society that they have become enduring symbols.

Most of them are long dead but they are still esteemed as before. They forever embody the hope for a better society for each one of us.

Indeed, these people were similar to us in all aspects. They were neither distinguished nor exceptional beings. One day, there has been a shock in their lives which has brought about a consciousness of Responsibility.

Despite the fact that they are in no way linked to each other (era, culture, religion, race...) in appearance, they had a common ideal which united them all. It is the ideal of peace. They had to go through the same stages of evolution to achieve this ideal.

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Music for Peace

Music and spirituality

The universe was created with a sound, a musical note: ‘OM’ according to Holy Scriptures in Hinduism, ‘HU’ according to Sufi mysticism.

In holy Hindu texts, ‘OM’ is the prime vibration of the planets, a vibration which gave rise to the whole universe. Such a sound embraces all other sounds. Likewise, Sufis consider the word ‘HU’ as being the spirit of all other sounds and all words, like the spirit hidden within the body. It does not belong to any language, but no language can possibly escape its embrace.

Thus the whole universe bathes in perpetual music - that of the rotating earth, the blowing wind, the waves, the singing birds....

In fact, there can be no life without music.

The human being is himself made up of music: the beating of his heart, his voice, his demeanour; everything within him is a rhythm. This is why in all religions and all spiritual paths music is at the very heart of their practice. Sufis, who have a particular liking for music, say that music is the elixir of the soul.

Music has always been at the heart of human existence. It is the means through which man connects with his inner self, and hence with his Creator. Through music one can taste the beautiful experience of the unicity of the universe, for music transcends all differences, all barriers pertaining to language, culture, race, sex or class. As Rumi said, music is an invitation to lift the veil which covers our hearts to rediscover, through the experience of the senses, He who is within us and in whom we are. Thus, musicians and listeners form but only one entity: an osmosis of hearts.

Every music is a language in itself, a communion between musicians and their instruments. It constitutes man's real freedom of expression. Music is to man what water is to the fish: an essential element for his development, his progression and his very existence. Music springs from a realm that words cannot describe. In fact, it is the language of the heart, a language of beauty which liberates, enchants, awakens, mesmerises and intoxicates.....

It is an experience lived by musicians and shared with those listening. Music awakens, in one who listens, a sensitivity which carries one away, shakes one’s heart, and makes one’s soul vibrate.

Sufi Chants for Peace and Harmony

Sufis, who have a particular liking for music, say that music is the elixir of the soul.

Peace starts within the human being, deep in his heart. One of the essential practices of the International Sufi School is Zikr Ullah, for it is through the remembrance of God that the heart finds peace and tranquility.

The School has produced three CDs of Zikr Ullah to illustrate the different stages which the heart goes through in its way towards the attainment of peace.

The three CDs are entitled ‘The Liberated Heart’, ‘The Appeased Heart’ and ‘The Ecstatic Heart’.

On the beat of the djembe, the International Sufi School performs Zikr Ullah on the exhilarating West African mystical melodies.

Verily, the remembrance of the Lord liberates and appeases the heart until it is led into ecstasy.


Beauty for Peace

Real beauty is a mixture of both the ‘look’ and the state of ‘being’ of an individual, with a slight predominance of the latter over the former. is a situation where the beauty of the fabric is in harmony with the beauty of the character. Indeed, it is always the person who renders the gown beautiful and never the other way round.


Interfaith Dialogue

The International Sufi School promotes difference as a necessity of life. In this perspective it actively engages in inter-faith dialogue and sharing worldwide in view of promoting harmony among various faiths, cultures and religions.

Figures of Peace


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