1. To contribute to a better understanding of cultures and religions, by favouring the spiritual fulfilment of its members in aspects such as culture, arts and the environment.
  2. To promote and encourage closer ties between diverse communities through dialogue, mutual respect, tolerance and sharing.
  3. To fully engage in service to all people, and the promotion of peace both locally and globally.
  4. To welcome all, irrespective of their origins or beliefs.

Founder and spiritual leaders

Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba

The founder of Muridiyya is Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba , an eminent Sufi Master from Senegal.

Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba lived from 1853 to 1927 while Senegal was under French colonial rule.

The life of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba is a testimony of his commitment to the revival of authentic Islam, the religion of Peace and his only ideal was to serve humanity by giving teachings in accordance with the prophetic model. The teachings of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba were geared towards the transmission of the very essence of the prophetic message to his generation and to future ones. He devoted his entire life to awakening human consciousness, both among the oppressed and the oppressors.

The Sheikh made the choice of love from a very early age. In fact since his early childhood he renounced affairs of the lowly world and was committed to the quest of divine love. At the death of his father he was offered the post of counsellor to the local magnate but he declined the offer, for he was committed to an ideal of service to the whole of mankind irrespective of differences. To him service to humanity was the best expression of the love of God.

In order to actualise the essence of his teachings and his ideal of peace and service, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba founded the spiritual path called Muridiyya – this is referred to as the path of those who seek the Truth. However Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba never denied any of the other spiritual traditions that existed in those days.

In 1883 he also laid the foundations of Khidmatul Khadim, the School of Peace and Service which he dedicated to those of his followers who wanted what he himself wanted, that is those who accepted to embody his message within their own lives in order to spread it to the whole of mankind as a living example. Hence Khidmatul Khadim is the school of those who choose to be in the service of the ‘servant’, for Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba defined himself as the Servant of the Prophet.

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Sheikh Sidy Ahmed

Sheikh Sidy Ahmed Ibn Ismouhou Deyman also known as “The Wise One of Temerkay” was born in Mauritania. He was an illustrious leader of the Touareg tribe of the Deyman, well-educated and enlightened Mauritanian, well-versed in religious knowledge. He devoted his life to the service of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba of whom he became a humble disciple. Their meeting was as wonderful and determining and of the same nature as that between Rumi and Shams of Tabriz, two great spiritual leaders and perfect examples of Master –Disciple relationship.

The fidelity and love of Sheikh Sidy for the Master was such that it was to him only that Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba gave the supreme trust – a few words noted on a sheet of paper which Sheikh Sidy had to hand over to someone from the country of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba . Sheikh Sidy had to wait for many years, even after his beloved Master had returned to his Lord, for a young man from St Louis to come to him. His name was Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye. He became the one who would actualize the messianic words: “Fifty years after my death, I’ll go and talk to the white people in their own countries”

Sheikh Sidy Ahmed was privileged to bring the universal message of service to humanity with love and compassion (khidma). Khidma which involves man’s actions, for man is basically the Representative of God on Earth, is a must, in times when the planet is subjected to so many ills, resulting in acute problems for our environment and our survival.

Though Sheikh Sidy Ahmed grew up among eminent persons, Ministers and intellectuals yet he lived modestly, satisfied with his daily bread, just sufficient for a ninety-year old man. He was also appreciated for his charismatic virtues of his Talismans or his healing power. His life was a fulfilled one, inspired by the concept of Khidma of the Prophet Muhammad

Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye

Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye was born in the town of Saint Louis in Senegal in 1938.

By profession, he was a town planner and a landscape architect but above all he was a man of God, a searcher, a writer and a lecturer of international fame. He was a deputy Mayor and a member of the Legislative assembly for he believed in serving the people and moralizing politics for the welfare of man. Sheikh Abdoulaye belonged to the Sufi Order of Muridiyya and was the disciple of the great Deymani Mauritanian Saint Sheikh Sidy Ahmed Ibn Ismouhou who was one of the first disciples of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba.

As the spiritual Sufi master of Muridiyya, Sheikh Abdoulaye travelled the world over, bringing the message of truth, love and peace to people of all creeds. He was a member of the organization (Islam and the West) and a staunch believer of interfaith dialogue which he promoted for building bridges of tolerance and harmony among people.

He disseminated the seeds of the Khidmatul Khadim, the school of Peace and Service in the ‘daaras’ or centres of learning which he created in Reunion Island, in Mauritius, England, France, South Africa, Italy, the USA and India. Old and young are trained for discovering their inner selves, finding harmony between the spiritual and the temporal and to serve Humanity as agents of peace.

Sheikh Abdoulaye laid the foundation of the Humanitarian Organisation Third World Family Humanitarian (TFH) which aims at restoring human dignity in the world. Members of this organization are active in giving solace to the underprivileged and implementing social projects for the well being of needy people in different parts of the world by empowering communities to play an active role in shaping their futures.

All the actions of Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye were guided by Love for Humanity and he endeavoured to sow love and compassion in the hearts of man. For him, true religion is the religion of Love. All men, he believed are flowers in the garden of God and must be nurtured with love and compassion. Each one of us has the potential to be a Peace Being and a Peace builder after rediscovering the treasure in our inner most being.

Sheikh Aly N'Daw

Sheikh Aly N'daw was born in Senegal in I950.

He was a student when he met his Spiritual Master, Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye who initiated him to hidden sciences, metaphysics and Sufism. He gave up his profession of Mathematics Lecturer to exile himself in Reunion Island on the orders of his Master and propagated the Bambian philosophy of Peace and Service to Mankind in the Islands of Indian Ocean before traveling to different parts of the world to teach people to become liberated human beings in order to accomplish their mission on earth.

Like his predecessors in the Initiatory Chain of Khidmatul Khaim , he has devoted his life to serve man according to the Prophetic model . He has consolidated the Khidmatul Khadim Internatinal Sufi School whose mission is to serve men without distinction of race, colour or creed. The Master has spared no effort in the edification of Peace Builders around the world , teaching by his example the importance of the choice of any human being “TO BE” IN ORDER “TO HAVE” AND THEN “TO DO” FOR THE WELFARE OF ALL

A firm believer in the principle of Peace, he has laid the foundation for a sound economy to benefit the less fortunate of our society. He urges his disciples to promote inter faith dialogue and to make non violence their creed.

To humanity, he has offered a token of LOVE: LIBERATION THERAPY AND THE INITIATORYWAY TO PEACE whose steps lead any man who makes the choice to incarnate peace and sow the seeds of peace on this terrestrial journey. His message is

“Be Peace to build Peace and serve the whole of humanity”


The full name of the School is International Sufi School of Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba – Khidmatul Khadim (ISS). The headquarters are in Senegal and comprise of an Administrative Head.

The School and its centres are supported financially by the voluntary contributions of its teachers and students who live and work in the local community. Most activities are free of charge and offered as a community service.

International Sufi School Students

Students are individuals who adhere to the philosophy and teaching of the ISS, are committed to its objectives and attend its classes on a regular basis. This may take many forms: retreats, conferences, seminars and other public programs. They reflect a diversity of backgrounds, levels of education, occupation and age. Enrolment is free and open to individuals wishing to participate in an active change process through personal growth based on Sufi knowledge and discipline and social service (khidma).


Third World Family Humanitarian

Third World Family Humanitarian (TFH) is a charitable organisation whose aim is Service to society. Its main objectives are human and community development by promoting all spheres of personal development. It also works towards the setting up of educational, economic and social structures for the health and welfare of deprived communities.



Our spiritual leaders


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