Water Restoration


People in the developing world are steadily deserting lands in their villages and gradually heading for the cities. This situation arises because the inhabitants of villages lack essential resources for farming their land and have limited or no access to water supplies. They therefore abandon vital agricultural activity and village communities are gradually disappearing.

Promoting cost effective irrigation

The International Sufi School Khidmatul Khadim in collaboration with Third World Family Humanitarian hopes to restore water supply in villages in order to facilitate irrigation and develop agriculture as part of its community and peace building objectives.

The project involves the drilling of water wells to access underground water and the subsequent installation of infrastructure for drip irrigation in order to practise cost effective irrigation programmes.

There are plans to extend the water well drilling initiative to other areas of Pout and Senegal at large in order to enable peasants to resume vital agricultural activity on their lands. At present there is hardly any agricultural activity on the surrounding lands in Pout as water rates are prohibitively high and water supply very limited.

Water restoration in the desert of Mauritania

Community life has resumed and is steadily growing in the desert of Temerkaye where the mausoleum of Shaykh Sidy Ahmed Ibn Ismouhou lies.

This community life has resumed after many years thanks to the recent drilling of a well in the desert of Temerkaye to provide water for essential services.

A future project is envisaged for the drilling of a deep water well in the desert of Temerkaye in order to encourage farming and horticultural production.