Environment campaign

Sustainable peace building must necessarily involve measures to protect our environment. The project in Pout is an agro-ecological model based on environment- friendly initiatives.

As the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Wangari Mathai says:

“When we protect our environment we sow the seeds of Peace.”

Domestic waste recycling and compost making

A domestic waste recycling project has been initiated in Pout in view of raising people’s awareness around the importance of protecting the environment and recycling domestic waste material.

A compost making project is ongoing in Pout. Organic waste products such as fruits and vegetables are collected every week at the market of Thies, a nearby village. The organic waste is used in the making of compost to be used as organic fertilizers in the production of horticultural produce such as green beans, tomatoes, okras, and exotic fruits such as papaya, melons, watermelons and mangoes.

Youth and the environment

A youth and environment project is currently being planned and will soon be launched in view of gathering the youths of Senegal around sports such as football in an attempt to raise awareness of current ecological issues.

Youth and Peace clubs

The project will provide a platform for exchanging thoughts and ideas around the environment issues and the pressing need for adopting measures to preserve the environment in order to safeguard the future and promote global peace.

The youths of Pout and neighbouring villages will be given training into environment issues such as domestic waste management and recycling, tree planting, good management of water and soils, measures to improve water retention in soils in view of reducing risks of water depletion from underground reserves and measures to reduce soil erosion.