Every spiritual tradition must have its own headquarters, often in the form of a centre which symbolises the essence of the teachings and accomplishments of the spiritual tradition. It is also a focal point for adherents from all over the world to experience their beliefs at a practical level. In the absence of such a centre, the teachings of the spiritual tradition are bound to remain a mere theory which is unlikely to bring any positive change to society.

The International Sufi School has acquired 10 hectares of land in the village of Pout in Senegal for the establishment of its headquarters. The land is a space where the adherents to its philosophy of non violence are presently experiencing the conditions for the making of a global peace village in the 21st century based on the teachings of non violence and service of Shaykh Ahmadou Bamba.

A pre requisite for the making of a peace village is the making of the peace citizen. The work being conducted in Pout provides the real conditions for the transformation of the adherents into peace citizens. The foundations are being laid for an economy and society geared towards peace and service to humanity through the active participation of all those committed to this ideal.

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The Khidmatul Khadim World Peace Centre

The Khidmatul Khadim World Peace Centre will be on several acres of land in Pout, a village situated about 30 miles from Dakar, the capital.

The setting will be a mix of urban and rustic décor which will produce a harmonious blend of modern and ancient richness, a harmony of urban life with a distinctive flavour of the peace and quiet of undisturbed rustic life.

The Centre will also house the headquarters of the Research Institute of Human and Social Sciences for Peace Promotion, the humanitarian organisation Third World Family Humanitarian (TFH) together with conference and exhibition centres, auditoriums, centres for Peace Education, centres for Music, Arts and Culture as well as the centre for the promotion of African Arts and Crafts through the organisation Sarsara..

At present the International Sufi School is building an alternative economics model geared towards peace in Pout on 11 acres of farmland. This project is aimed at addressing the root causes of violence at source, that is, at the level of the earth, where violence effectively takes birth.

Peace Education and the making of Peace builders

The establishment of a sustainable economy of peace requires a real education towards peace based on the thought of Shaykh Ahmadou Bamba (ra), the founder of Khidmatul Khadim. The transformation process of individuals into agents of peace is also a pre- requisite in building the global peace village so that the awakened individuals can themselves embody the values and virtues required of peacemakers and be instrumental in the peace building process at grassroots level.

“What is written on the sand will be blown away by the wind, What is engraved on stones will fade with the passage of time, But work done on souls well born will illuminate the world until the end of time.”
Venerable Master Shaykh Aly N’Daw

This is the approach that the International Sufi School Khidmatul Khadim has adopted in building a sustainable global peace village.

Be Peace in order to build Peace!