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Peace promotion

The International Sufi School is actively engaged in peace promotion at all levels of society and is committed to the promotion of education for peace.

The International Sufi School works in collaboration with various other organisations,

faith and non-faith based to promote peace, harmony, respect and tolerance among individuals in society, irrespective of cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, and social differences, for it is these very differences that constitute the richness of humanity.

As a School of Peace and Service, we are committed to the making of peacemakers by awakening the consciousness of every individual about his valuable role in the establishment of peace in society.

Peace starts at individual level. For peace to exist in society the individual must first find his inner peace, deep within. For this the individual must first make the conscious choice of non violence and peace as an ideal of life and commit himself totally to this ideal. The action of such an individual is subsequently very far reaching in the establishment of peaceful change in society.