Liberation Therapy

The way to be peace

Peace starts at individual level. To establish peace in society one must first find the way to embody peace within oneself. This is a transformation process which involves inner work at individual level.

What is peace?

Peace is the very foundation of every human being. Our original nature is composed of love, compassion, peace and original faith in the Creator. Indeed, no human being harbours any violence in him at birth.

If peace is inherent to the human being, why is there so much violence and hatred in society today?

Violence and hatred are character traits that are acquired with time through conditioned behaviour and thought patterns influenced by environmental, social, parental, cultural and religious factors as we grow up.

Given that violence is an acquired behaviour, it can be unlearnt in order to rediscover our inherent peace.

Today this question is more pressing than ever before, given the incidence of violence, hatred and crime in modern society.

Liberation Therapy – The way to be peace

Liberation therapy is a process that first awakens the individual’s consciousness to the fact that the relational problem of adult life is rooted in one’s childhood experiences. The second stage of the therapy involves the transformation of the relational heritage acquired from childhood into a driving force for our development and the fulfilment of our mission in life.

The first part of the therapy involves an analysis of one’s childhood experiences to find out the origin and the root cause of the human relational problem which arises from our natural tendency to observe and judge those around us.

In the second part of the therapy the individual learns to transcend the tendency to judge. He discovers the power of forgiveness and learns to communicate more effectively with others. Thus he learns non violent communication.

Liberation therapy is therefore a process that enables the transformation of the parental legacy into a driving force for action at global level.

Through this therapy the individual works towards the embodiment of virtues which will enable him to be peace in order to bring peace to others.

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