The International Sufi School is a School of Peace and Service.

It was founded by Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, an eminent Sufi Master from Senegal who devoted his entire life to non-violence.

To promote his message, he developed a concept on the basis of his thought: “Khidma,” or Service to Humanity.

School of Peace

Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba spent his whole life working towards a social model based on peace, where different cultures could co-exist by living the very essence of their teachings. He also elaborated an education geared towards peace.

School of Service

Khidma, or Service, is the pillar of the thought and action of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba.

Thus, all his action was accomplished through peaceful means.

He elaborated a new social model through structures called daaras. His companions learned to take a new look at their history and parental legacy, and question the whole foundation upon which they had built their life.

They also had the opportunity to undergo a transformation process which would make them into Peacemakers and Figures of Service, totally committed to the welfare of Humanity.


Sufism is a science that can only be rendered real through a project for society based on peace. Action is the pre-requisite for the making of such a global peace model.

The action of Khidmatul Khadim is geared towards the making of global peace citizens alongside the making of a global peace model.

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