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The History of Khidmatul Khadim

The teachings of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba brought forth a new path for all those in search of spiritual truth or the “seekers of sense”. This path followed the steps of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and all Prophets before him, who are all recognised by Islam without distinction.

He named the path of his teachings “Muridiyya”, which in Arabic means “the path of those who seek”.

Besides his teachings aimed at the whole of God-seeking Humanity, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba created a spiritual school for “those who wanted what he himself wanted”, that is, those who had at heart the happiness of all human beings without distinction in a spirit of compassion and brotherhood.

He passed this thought on to his unequalled disciple, Sheikh Sidy Ahmed who, in turn, as successor to his Master, entrusted Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye with the responsibility of making it a reality.

Sheikh Abdoulaye Dièye was the third caliph of the School after Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba and Sheikh Sidy Ahmed, the spiritual father and Master of Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye.

Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye was the first to go beyond the frontiers of Senegal to bring to the world this revived message. He taught us that the only religion agreed by God is the religion of Peace and that the way to the attainment of inner and outer peace, that is true non violence in society, is to serve Humanity according to the prophetic model.

Hence Khidmatul Khadim is also known as “The School of Peace and Service”.

It follows the path of the imitation of Prophets.

The imitation of Prophets, irrespective of one’s faith, consists of awakening within oneself and others, the prophetic Being of the spiritual Community to which one belongs. Thus, for the Jew, it means bringing forth the Abrahamic Being, for the Hindu, the Vedic Being, for the Christian, the Evangelical Being and for the Muslim the Qu’ranic Being.

To this end the School advocates a process of deconditioning, according to the example of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, in order to transcend the bounds of our education and our childhood experiences and bring forth the essence of our inner Being, which is always an agent of Peace.

The technique used for this purpose is called “The Initiatory Way to Peace” and consists of twelve steps. As one treads upon this path and goes through the different stages, one gets liberated of one’s limiting emotions and is then able to discover the vast realm of one’s inner liberty. One is now an embodiment of unconditional love which makes it possible to be at the service of humanity. This love, which is the foundation of inner Peace, is now decisive in one’s choices in life, which one makes in total liberty, and hence, in total consciousness.

This is the basis of the teachings of the present Master of the International Sufi School, Sheikh Aly N’ Daw throughout the world. These teachings constitute the foundation stone of an ambitious project for a social and economic alternative, which is presently being built in Senegal as part of a wonderful Village of Peace.