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The full name of the School is International Sufi School of Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba – Khidmatul Khadim (ISS). The headquarters are in Senegal and comprise of an Administrative Head.

International Sufi School Students

Students are individuals who adhere to the philosophy and teaching of the ISS, are committed to its objectives and attend its classes on a regular basis. This may take many forms: retreats, conferences, seminars and other public programs. They reflect a diversity of backgrounds, levels of education, occupation and age. Enrolment is free and open to individuals wishing to participate in an active change process through personal growth based on Sufi knowledge and discipline and social service (khidma).

Generic Objectives of ISS

  1. To contribute to a better understanding of cultures and religions, by favouring the spiritual fulfilment of its members in aspects such as culture, arts and the environment.
  2. To promote and encourage closer ties between diverse communities through dialogue, mutual respect, tolerance and sharing.
  3. To fully engage in service to all people, and the promotion of peace both locally and globally.
  4. To welcome all, irrespective of their origins or beliefs.

Sources of Financial Support

The School and its centres are supported financially by the voluntary contributions of its teachers and students who live and work in the local community. Most activities are free of charge and offered as a community service.